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Should I go running this morning?

Sunday, January 31, 2021 trail tales poetry

5:18 a.m. on a Friday

Laying in bed, eyes shut

Trying to make sense of a dream

A recurring theme


Eyes open, scrolling through photos

Of friends and strangers

News headlines

Today’s deadlines


Now, sitting on the couch

Watching the sunrise slowly

Thinking about lacing my trail shoes

Running under dawn blues


The urge to run

Spurred by caffeine

And the desire to complete today’s exercise

To enjoy a lazy evening prize


Fleece and wool keep me warm

Headphones, reflective vest

Playlist I don’t really like

But tempo matches foot strike


The run starts uphill

First 2 kilometres are a drag

It’s cold and dark

Snow bright, stark


And then my lungs warm up

Hands unclench

Dark making way for light

Crunch of shoes’ icy bite


Downhill, homestretch

Hamstrings complain as I open my stride

I reach the front door

Feeling better than before


Shower, breakfast sandwich, big glass of water

Still time before work begins

Upstairs in my lonely office

Which is a mess


Feet, hamstrings, and neck feel tight

I should probably stretch

Thinking about doing this again

Friday endorphin train



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