I like dirt.

And snow. And water. And writing about all of these things as they relate to being human in the outdoors.
In 2019, not long before the COVID-19 lockdowns, I moved to Kamloops, BC from Vancouver Island (I'm from Clearwater, BC or Wells Gray Park area, so it wasn't that much of a shock) to be near family and seasons. I love them all:
Winter: snowboarding and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hot baths after hiking with ice cleats on my boots, frosty trees, sliding through stop-signs. 
Spring: rushing waterfalls, trip planning, new growth and baby animals, planting gardens, soft green hills, trail running, the first overnight cycling trip of the year. 
Summer: swimming and paddling, camping, cycling, late sunsets, harvesting the first tomatoes, the smell of pine duff and sage, sipping homebrew during lightning storms. 
Autumn: harvesting and canning, quieter campgrounds and cooler evening runs, peak fitness, cyclocross, changing leaves, early snowfall. 
Kamloops is underrated. Tk'emlúps te Secwe̓pemc, where the rivers meet, is surrounded by grasslands and forests home to Bighorn Sheep, fragrant sagebrush, coyotes, and rattlesnakes. Like anywhere, it has its curiosities, its annoyances, its backward environmental practices. There's so much to learn and I aim to do as much of that as I can. 

Some professional tidbits

10+ years' writing experience

From writing local news to writing blogs for Fortune 500 executives, I've written for big business, small businesses, non-profits, and myself. 

I had a podcast

It's not on the internet anymore because it turns out running a podcast is a huge amount of effort (and $) even when it ends. It was called Own-Up Grown-Up and I interviewed people from all over the world about what it's like to be an up-and-comer. 

More than writing!

That's right! I take pretty good pictures, have film and editing experience, do layout/graphic design, and I have a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communications. But my first love is writing. 
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